Is There a Duty to Participate in Research? 

After atrocities of the World War II and the Doctors’ Trial in Nuremberg voluntary character of participation in biomedical research have been a moral axiom of biomedical ethics. But since that time many things have changed: biomedical research have become less risky and not only strictly regulated, but also monitored. Moreover, research is no longer seen through the prism of risk and burdens, but also as a chance for new and better therapies. Nowadays, virtually everyone living in an industrialized country enjoys the fruits of research, science and a universal healthcare system. Therefore, some ask whether it would be morally obligatory to contribute back to the research enterprise. During the workshop, we will discuss and analyze the concept of duty to participate and consider possible practical applications of this idea.


Jan Piasecki, Ph.D. Department of Philosophy and Bioethics, Faculty of Health Sciences, Jagiellonian University Medical College


Duty to Participate