Bioethics Education International (BEI) advances policy and intercultural bioethics debates ranging from the beginning to the end of life.

Who We Are

BEI is a not-for-profit international organization incorporated in the State of New York in March 2022. 

Who will benefit from BEI’s programs and activities? 

The organization benefits students, professionals and policy makers from various fields, such as healthcare, the humanities, and the law, as well as policy makers and the public at large. It aims to provide stakeholders with resources to understand and find solutions to issues in global health, health care, new medical technologies, and the life sciences.

How will BEI achieve its educational and outreach purposes?

Through an online bioethics hub, BEI is offering engaging and interactive e-learning courses, webinars, and training sessions. The hub will offer timely topics in bioethics in creative ways, incorporating an interdisciplinary and intercultural approach to confronting ethical issues in medicine, bioscience, medical technology, life sciences, and the environment. BEI provides public access to international bioethics education, facilitates collaborative learning, networking and community debates across the life course around the globe.  

News and Articles

Bioethics after Ukraine

In a thoughtful essay in The Hastings Center blog, Jonathan Moreno, a leading bioethicist, reflects on how bioethics will change after the war in Ukraine. Russia will be wounded, isolated, and angry. There could be a [...]

It’s Official: No More Crispr Babies–for Now

After several days of experts chewing on the scientific, ethical, and governance issues associated with human genome editing, the summit’s organizing committee put out its closing statement. Heritable human genome editing—editing embryos that are then implanted [...]

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