When Ethics Survive Where People Do Not: Ethical Issues in the Times of Armed Conflicts and Pandemics

The lecture will focus on the ethical considerations and dilemmas that arise when managing healthcare systems during times of crisis. The lecture would explore the ethical obligations of healthcare providers, policymakers, and the broader society in addressing pandemics and armed conflicts.

In pandemics, healthcare providers face ethical dilemmas in allocating scarce resources and balancing their obligation to provide care to their patients with their responsibility to avoid causing harm to themselves and others. Armed conflicts also present ethical challenges for healthcare providers, who have an obligation to provide care to all individuals regardless of their affiliations.

The lecture would also address the ethical considerations of providing healthcare services in conflict zones, taking into account the complexities of operating in conditions of insecurity, political instability, and limited resources. It would address the challenges of providing care in situations of armed conflict, where access to essential medical resources might be limited.

Furthermore, the lecture would explore ethical considerations of non-discrimination and the provision of healthcare to populations experiencing displacement and exile. Attendees would gain an understanding of the ethical considerations and obligations of healthcare providers within the larger context of pandemics and armed conflicts.

Overall, the lecture would provide attendees with a better understanding of the ethical issues faced by healthcare providers during pandemics and armed conflicts, explore ethical considerations related to providing healthcare within these contexts, and stimulate discussion on the ethical principles and obligations in managing healthcare systems during times of crisis.