Bioethics Education International (BEI) invites participants (students and professionals) across the globe to attend the event online. Bioethics education is crucial for addressing ethical challenges in healthcare and medicine. The intersection of AI and medicine holds great potential, but also raises important ethical considerations.

Our timely school online held in December 2024 will explore the following topics:

– Data privacy and security
– Algorithmic bias and transparency
– Digital doctors and virtual care
– Clinical trials on a chip
– AI as psychotherapist
– Personalized medicine and drug discovery
– Ethical implications of AI in diagnosis and treatment
– Impact of AI on patient-provider relationships
– AI in end-of-life care and decision-making
– Ethical considerations in AI-assisted suicide and euthanasia
– AI in reproductive medicine and genetics

This event will lead to valuable insights and breakthroughs, shaping the future of healthcare and ensuring responsible AI integration.

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