Join us for this unique educational opportunity!
Bioethics Education International (BEI) invites worldwide students and professionals to attend the 2022 Bioethics Summer School Online “Bioethics, Wars and Pandemics,” which will take place July 18-23, 2022.
The COVID-19 pandemic as well as the conflicts around the world including the most recent one in Ukraine, have highlighted the importance and relevance of bioethics education in addressing some urgent issues including:
a) wartime bioethics, military necessity & International Humanitarian Law
b) resource allocation
c) appropriate policy and legislation regarding public health
d) ethical guidelines for clinical and research decision-making
e) disparities in health and systemic racism
The program includes guest speakers, lectures and seminars, film screenings, and webinars. The program’s faculty is composed of notable scholars from around the world. A list of faculty members can be found here.

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